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The Women, Peace and Security Agenda at NATO in Light of the War in Ukraine

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) finally updated its Strategic Concept in 2022, a few months after Russia invaded Ukraine. Although this…
Russian Navy
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The Russian Navy and the Arctic: A New Reality, Old Challenges

While the Baltic Sea is becoming a “NATO lake” with Finland’s entry into NATO and Sweden’s upcoming integration, the Alliance seeks to…
Lethal Autonomous Weapons
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Lethal Autonomous Weapons: Between Myths and Confusion

In May 2023, press reports stated that an artificial intelligence (AI)-controlled drone had killed its own instructor during a test conducted by…

Security Challenges in Africa

Get the book Security Challenges in Africa, the sixth volume of the new Rubicon collection! Please note that this book is available in…
Policy Reports

What lessons can be drawn from the “Second Russo-Ukrainian war”?

This strategic note examines the initial lessons that can be drawn from the war in Ukraine. It is primarily based on two…
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Chad’s Unlikely Transition

Last year’s peace talks between Chadian authorities armed groups and the National Dialogue may have appeared to usher in a new dawn…

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