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The Taiwan Problem to the U.S.-South Korean Alliance

While tensions between the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and the United States have intensified over Taiwan for the past several months,…
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What Peace for Ukraine? Understanding the Causes of the War to End It

The prospects for peace in Ukraine are currently the subject of vigorous discussion. Three main positions structure the debate. On the one…
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Canada’s Potential for Leadership in the Post-War Reconstruction of Ukraine

Introduction Charles Tilly’s pithy maxim that “war made the state, and the state made war,” succinctly describes the effects of wartime constraints…


Get the book The European and Transatlantic Awakening, the third volume of the new Rubicon collection! Please note that this book is…

Design over default

As part of the development of this annual colloquium in September 2022, the NSA held a series of consultations earlier this summer…
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Combatting the Seen and Unseen Threats of China’s Digital Silk Road

Overview The 48th G7 summit marked a recommitment by G7 countries to develop approaches for challenging China’s increasing geopolitical dominance and cybersecurity…

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