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Hamas attack on Israel: What’s in it for Iran?

Hours after the spectacular raid carried out by Hamas by crossing the Israeli border on Saturday, October 7th, the attention of many…
Finland & Sweden
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Beyond the Approval of Finland and Sweden joining NATO: making sense of Turkey’s unstable approach towards the alliance

In the wake of Russian invasion of Ukraine, Finland and Sweden announced in May 2022 their intention to join NATO. These historic…
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The Risks of Ambiguity: Taiwanese Public Opinion, US Credibility, and Effective Deterrence

The United States’ policy toward Taiwan has been a source of continuing controversy. Amid warnings that Beijing may be preparing to use…
Policy Briefs

Military Support for Ukraine – A Necessary Coherence Around Three Dimensions: Discourse, Material Donations, and Industrial Production

Western opposition to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has undeniably had consequences for interstate diplomatic, military and economic dynamics. Among them is the…
Policy Briefs

The Arctic Continental Shelf and Canada: What Political Risks?

The allocation of the continental shelf in the Arctic region has generated significant speculation. Some, particularly in the media, portray this issue…
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Fear of missing out: Meloni’s moderation for the stability of the international scenario.

The latest Italian elections, held in September 2022, represent a turning point for both the country and the international community. According to…

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