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Geopolitical Upheaval In The Post-Soviet Space: The “Near Abroad” Tested By The War In Ukraine

After the multiplication of military setbacks Russia suffered in the face of the Ukrainian armed forces’ counter-offensive, it is fashionable to say…
Policy Reports

Turkey’s And Iran’s Drone Supply In The War In Ukraine

Turkey’s and Iran’s military supply to the Russian and Ukrainian armed forces has been evidenced by the presence of TB2, Mohajer, and…
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Finally: Canada buys the F-35

Canada's Minister of National Defence, Anita Anand, announced that Canada would acquire a new fleet of 88 F-35 fighter jets. The cost…
Freeland Doctrine
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The “Freeland Doctrine” and Canada’s Indo-Pacific Strategy: Between isolation and confusion

For a country that has not undertaken a comprehensive foreign policy review in nearly two decades, Canada has been fortunate to have…

France’s strategic challenges

Get the book France's strategic challenges, the fourth volume of the new Rubicon collection! Please note that this book is available in…
Policy Reports

New Hypersonic Weapons: Same but Different

Hypersonic weapons can increase pre-emption fears and dangerously alter crisis escalation scenarios by the 2030s. This popular argument builds on the expectations…

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