Policy Briefs

Taiwan and the “New Cold War”

This paper is a written version of a contribution made on 2nd June 2022 at a conference ‘Is War over Taiwan Coming?’…

The New Forms of War

Get the book The New Forms of War, the second volume of the new Rubicon collection! Please note that this book is…

Ukraine: The Shock of War

Get the book Ukraine: Le choc de la guerre, the first volume of the new Rubicon collection! Please note that this book…
Policy Reports

Great Power Competition in the Arctic

This policy report explores the extent to which the concept of Arctic Exceptionalism collides with the return to great power politics, particularly…
Five Eyes
Hot Takes

Understanding the Five Eyes

The term Five Eyes typically refers to a unique signals intelligence pooling club of three or four-letter acronymed agencies from Australia, Canada,…
Turkey - NATO
Hot Takes

Turkey’s Disputed Role in NATO

Since the fall of the USSR, the Turkish government has contested the usefulness of NATO. This challenge has increased following the recent decisions of the Turkish government:…

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