Intelligence Cooperation in a Multipolar World – Non-American Perspectives




10:15 – Opening Remarks

Justin Massie (University of Quebec in Montreal)

10:30 – European and Transatlantic Intelligence Cooperation (view video)

  • Chair and Discussant: Jill Sinclair (Department of National Defence)
  • Björn Fägersten (Swedish Institute of International Affairs): The Intelligence Demands of European Strategic Autonomy
  • Claudia Hillebrand (Cardiff University): The Spiral Loop of Intelligence Liaison: Issues for Secrecy and Accountability
  • Gustav Gressel (European Council on Foreign Relations): Subversive Challenges to the Single European Space

12:00 – Keynote Speaker (view video)

Daniel Jean, former National Security and Intelligence Advisor to the Prime Minister of Canada

12:45 – Lunch

13:30 – Challenges of Intelligence Sharing (view video)

  • Chair and Discussant: Artur Wilczynski (Communications Security Establishment)
  • Adriana Seagle (Bellevue University): Transatlantic Intelligence Sharing and Cooperation: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Sarah-Myriam Martin-Brûlé (Bishop’s University): Search for Trust: Challenges in UN Peacekeeping-Intelligence
  • Stephanie Carvin (Carleton University) & Thomas Juneau (University of Ottawa): Don’t Hold Back: Canadianize

15:00 – Break

15:30 – Intelligence Cooperation under Multipolarity (view video)

  • Chair and Discussant: Heather De Santis (Public Safety Canada)
  • Reg Whitaker (University of Victoria): Intelligence Cooperation in Historical Perspective, from Cold War Bipolarity to the Multipolar Present
  • Nancy Teeple (Royal Military College of Canada): Enhanced ISR and its Effect on Strategic Stability
  • Patrick F. Walsh (Charles Sturt University): Australia’s National Intelligence Community: Challenges and Opportunities in a Multi-Polar World

17:00 – Closing Remarks

Thomas Juneau (University of Ottawa)


Thursday, May 6, 2021


Eastern Daylight time
10:15 - 17:15

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